Arapaima Day Trip

Guaranteed Hook-Up

  • Species: Arapaima

  • Location: O.K. Arapaima Resort

  • Season: August to March

  • Accommodation: Day Trip w/ Lunch and two way transportation provided

  • Operator: Pastor Odali - O.K. Arapaima Resort

  • Price: $1,250

The Focus

Arapaima, Arapaima, Arapaima

Arapaima can be tough.

Most of the waters that hold them are loaded with food and are replenished each year by the flood pulse. By the time these beasts start getting hungry, the rains come and they leave their temporary dry season lakes to rejoin the river-spanning flooded forests. Under these conditions arapaima are choosy and lazy, preferring slow moving baitfish and inhalable shrimp. They just won’t bother with artificial baits under these conditions. However, we found a great solution; a chain of 5 isolated lakes independent of the floodplain; fishable during the entire season and with hungry fish that take lures and flies!

Did we say they take lures and flies? You can bet on it and we will! (presuming you have at least a basic ability to deliver a lure). If you don’t hook up at least once, we’ll refund your entire trip cost! If you don’t hook up at least twice or land at least one fish we’ll give back half the trip cost. How’s that for a guarantee!


This one-day trip is only available as an add-on to an Acute Angling trip. It is not available to other anglers. The trip includes:

  • One extra night at our Manaus home base hotel

  • Pick up and return to our Manaus home base hotel (approx. 1 hour drive time)

  • Delicious lunch, Amazon style

  • One day guided fishing

  • All conventional rods, reels, line

  • Not included: Fly fishing gear


We want to protect this fishery.

Arapaima are notorious for succumbing to excessive stress and handling.

Fish must remain in the water to be unhooked by your guide; you may join in for photographs and the release if you wish.

Your English-speaking guide will make sure you are successful and help with all fish handling aspects of the day.

(866) 832-2987

(866) 832-2987